Care Right U was designed to train caregivers in home care and healthcare settings to promote the best outcomes for employees, patients, clients, and ultimately, families.


Our Modules are tailored to each agency’s need with options to mix and match the curriculum.


Classes are available as in-person workshops or interactive webinars. Each of our Modules takes 2.5 hours to complete.



Experts predict that the number of people diagnosed with dementia will rise exponentially in the next 1-10 years.

Are your caregivers equipped to manage this difficult disease?

Without the right training, staff members may be unable to meet the needs of dementia patients, resulting in lost business and frustrated employees. Care Right U is here to set your staff up for success!

After completion of these courses, Caregivers will be able to successfully:

  • Understand why dementia is a difficult condition to care for
  • Respond appropriately to dementia patients
  • Diffuse agitated clients
  • Independently manage difficult behaviors (exit seeking, profanity, etc.)
  • Execute successful, positive communication

These modules were developed by Caitlynn Butcher, M.S. in Gerontology and Aging Studies, Care Right Care Coordinator.


Non-medical home caregivers encounter a wide range of chronic conditions on the job, and knowing how to observe, document, and react to these conditions can make all the difference.

According to the National Council on Aging*, a staggering 92% of older adults have at least one chronic condition. This puts them at a higher risk for stressful and complicated hospitalizations.

However, by training caregivers to observe behaviors, prepare nutritious food, and monitor patterns, we can give our clients the best chance to stay safe and happy in their homes—a win-win situation for everyone! Conditions discussed include, but are not limited to:

  • Diabetes
  • Chronic Heart Failure
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
  • Arthritis

These modules were developed by Allyson Perkins, LPN and Care Right Client Advocate and Community Outreach Coordinator.


Our caregivers are the faces of our companies. However, turnover is a frustrating and costly challenge facing many home care agencies and healthcare settings.

Research has shown that employee morale and satisfaction are major contributing factors to retention. Care Right U can help!

Building and developing staff morale is taught from the ground up:

  • Why hiring right is important
  • How to create a supportive healthy work environment
  • How to retain clients and employees
  • Why customer service skills are essential to growing your business
  • Importance of investing in training your team
  • What your handbook says about your culture

Modules were designed by Annalee Kruger, MBA, Certified Family Mediator, President of Care Right Inc.


For those of you who may not need all of the topics that are covered within the three main modules, you can choose a variety of workshops from each of the topics that would best suit your needs.

Please contact us to discuss all of the workshop topics available that would be of interest to you and your preferred training method (e-learning or live workshops). Based on your topics of choice, we will customize a CRU training package to make sure your staff is set up for continuous success!

Care Right U Cares Packages

Ongoing Education and Support

Care Right U offers education and ongoing phone support. When staff needs more advice or guidance, Care Right U Help Line is there to troubleshoot challenges like dementia behaviors, patient decline, and staff disagreements.

Knowing you invest in the training and education for your staff sets you apart to your clients and referral providers. Care Right U is proud to share their logo and seal of approval with departments who complete our modules.

*Corporate discounts may apply if multiple locations and commit to all training modules

Optional: Caregiver Telephone Support

Caregiver telephone support is another option that you may add on to your selected CRU training package to give your staff additional support. Caregivers may come across difficult situations while caring for a client, especially with Dementia, and need advice on how to redirect conversations.

Our highly trained staff can talk with your caregivers through many difficult situations to provide a safer and less stressful conversation between staff and client. This will also develop a better relationship between your staff and clients, by setting up your caregivers for success with the guidance from an expert!