Care Right U Cares - Module Benefits



Benefits of Dementia/Nursing Workshop:



Benefits of Chronic Conditions Workshop



Benefits of Workplace Culture Workshop

  • Engaging/fun/interactive workshop
  • Employee retention
  • Relationships with your client
  • How to redirect difficult situations
  • Giving employees/teams tools for success
  • Learning signs and symptoms of common illnesses
  • Patient-centered care (person 1st, task 2nd)
  • Learning how to document appropriately
  • Reducing illness/hospitalization by identifying condition changes
  • Avoid caregiver burnout
  • Live exercises
  • Engaging/fun/interactive workshop
  • How to manage common chronic conditions (CHF, COPD, Diabetes management)
  • Pain, hydration, nutrition, fall risk, and reducing hospitalizations
  • Patient centered care
  • Why diet is critical for patients’ success
  • Engaging/fun/interactive workshop
  • Employee retention/cost to hire and train is costly
  • How employees can impact your profitably
  • Developing relationships with your team will show you care
  • Help them grow or watch them grow
  • Increase/improve trust in your team
  • Improve patient care/patient outcomes
  • Research shows those companies who invest in training are more successful
  • How attitudes impact culture

Optional: Caregiver Telephone Support

Caregiver telephone support is another option that you may add on to your selected CRU training package to give your staff additional support. Caregivers may come across difficult situations while caring for a client, especially with Dementia, and need advice on how to redirect conversations.

Our highly trained staff can talk with your caregivers through many difficult situations to provide a safer and less stressful conversation between staff and client. This will also develop a better relationship between your staff and clients, by setting up your caregivers for success with the guidance from an expert!